Festivals of India


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Festival is the time to celebrate, no matter how it is celebrated and where it is celebrated. It is the time for joy, happiness, and family gatherings, etc…

There is no question about the enormous number of festivals that are being celebrated in India. As such, the country is inundated with the festivals’ celebrations. Every state in the country has a set of festivals that are distinguished and has unique characteristics, which in turn portray the nature and culture of the particular state.

National Festivals

The national festivals of India mostly comprises of celebrations regarding the leaders’ birthdays, and other significant days that are of national importance in the Indian history. If you take a closer look at these festivals, then you could say that these festivals bear greater significance of historical period, and culture. The most prominent feature is that the national festivals make the people of India to celebrate their leaders’ sacrifices towards the country’s independence, and enhancements. Likewise, the Republic day, Independence day and Gandhi Jayanthi are considered and celebrated as the most significant national festivals in the country.

The Gandhi Jayanthi is celebrated every year on October 2nd to honor the Mahatma Gandhi who had sacrificed his entire life in getting freedom to the country. India’s Independence day is celebrated on August 15th and Republic day is celebrated on January 26th. These three festivals are made mandatory public holidays throughout the country, though there are other national festivals like, Children’s day, which is celebrated on November 14th in order to honor the earlier prime minister Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru, and similarly the teacher’s day, which falls on September 5th every year, Mahaveer’s Birthday, etc… are confined to each states and more particularly each school in the states.

Regional Festivals

Of course, India is the land of regional cultures, and rituals. Hence, more, or less each region in India would be having a separate list and manner of celebrating the festivals. Some festivals that are popular in the south, may not be popular in the north and vice versa. Within each region in a state, there are numerous villages, districts, and cities that modulate the festivals according to their characteristic styles.

For example, the festivals like Diwali, Navratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, etc… are celebrated by both north Indians and south Indians. Further, festivals like, Pongal, Karthigai, etc… are south Indian specials and festivals like, Rakhi, Holi, etc… are north Indian specials. Apart from this, there are many religion festivals celebrated in the country, which are specific to a particular religion, such as Muslims’ festivals, Christians’ festivals, Sikhs’ festivals, and Buddhists’ festivals, etc…

General Festivals

The general festivals category would possess mandatorily the New Year celebrations, which is being celebrated throughout the country. Moreover, nowadays, celebrations are getting enhanced and increased to facilitate every moment in one’s life. Likewise, Father’s day, Mother’s day, Friendship day, and Valentine’s day are becoming popular in the country, i.e. the business trends associated with these festivals are also increasing commercially, thereby bringing more opportunities to enhance business nationwide, besides increasing the buyer’s power.

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